Hello! I’m a PhD Student at the University of Cambridge researching Natural Language Processing. My current areas of interest are natural language queries for knowledge bases, semantic parsing and automating fact checking. I am currently supervised by Andreas Vlachos and am funded by an Amazon Alexa Graduate Research Fellowship.

Prior to starting at Cambridge, I was researching at Sheffield with an EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership Scholarship and I completed an MEng in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of York, where I researched Kernel-based Sentiment Analysis and CRF models for Named Entity Recognition in my final year.

I have a keen interest in software engineering and enjoy applying these skills to my current areas of research. I used to design sonar software – this was designed to run in a parallel environment and support both live signal processing and faster than real time analysis. I took interest in management of the product lifecycle and implemented a method to express some architectural models as description logics to automate reasoning about system function and software reuse.