• [2016-] Automated Fact Checking

    My current research focus is to automate fact checking. I have two software releases in the pipeline. More to follow.

  • [2012-] HttpLib

    A web request wrapper for C# that came out of a need to simplify and unify code for doing more complex async web requests, such as multi-part uploads, streaming downloads and complex authentication handshakes. This library has been adopted used in a huge range of applications, from Windows Phone, Silverlight, ASP.Net and desktop applications. Currently, there have been over 3,000,000 installs of apps with this code since we started gathering anonymous usage statistics in version 2.0.13. [GitHub]


  • [2015-2016] 44or66

    A free app and web service that aggregated bus times for the two university bus services at the University of York. Was told you which bus was going to come next and which stop to catch it from (bus 44 and bus 66 went from different stops). The novel step was that the service used a clever back-off strategy to prevent excessive costs of using the Traveline Bus Times API and could operate under the free usage tier regardless of the number of stops/locations or number of users.

    Web views were displayed in 2 departments and the app/website had about 400 users. No longer maintained since I have left York.

  • [2014-2016] RocketMVC

    A very simple PHP MVC framework that allows for rapid prototyping and development of web applications. Coupled with a lightweight database object mapping framework, this was and used to reduce the cost of development on a number of freelance web development jobs. Last time I checked the logs, these scripts were stably handling over a million database transactions per day. [Rocket MVC] [PHP-OM]

  • [2013] YouCue

    A Google Chrome extension that allowed users to cue up videos to automatically play next (before YouTube implemented this feature). Was fairly useful. Now no longer required.

  • [2012-2017] PasteB

    A free pastebin-like service where posts and content can be encrpyted. Posts expire after 1 month but can be extended through a nominal bitcoin payment.

  • [2011-2017] SnipSo

    A free screenshot sharing program written in C# that posted images to a web service. Awarded editor’s pick by the software website BrotherSoft

  • [2008-2010] flx

    A free URL shortener back in the day when was still growing. Had a few million URLs and a lot of traffic before it was sold in 2010. An additional service I provided was monitoring of outbound traffic from web pages, groups and forums by developing a JavaScript plugin that highjacked URLs and redirected them through flx. This provided website owners the option to prevent people visiting competitors websites, block malware and identify which pages caused users to leave their site.